The all new Caddieaway is here

Does your cart fit inside your bag?
Now it does!
The all new Caddieaway 2.0, ready for immidiate shipping,
has the cart stowed away in the sidepockets of the bag.
Pull the cart parts out, mount them onto the bag
and you are ready to play in under 1 minute.
Caddieaway has been updated with a lot of new features, color
and is equipped with accessories.

Our customers are very satisfied with their existing Caddieaway.
If you have met one of them, they have for sure told you their story!
The story may contain: saves space, time and money.

In fact, many has told us the pay-back time on Caddieaway is appr. 3 weeks,
since they don´t have to pay for rental carts. 
We like it already- better than sales prices then ;-)

From a floursishing Sweden at its best,
the Pleasy Golf team

P.S. We ship world-wide!
So far to over 20 countries...