Pleasy Golf in South Africa at World Golfers Championship

Pleasy Golf is a proud sponsor of World Golfers Championship, the amateur golfers own championship,
with Honorary Advisory Board Chairman Annika Sörenstam.
This year the final, 27 Oct.- 03 Nov., takes place in Kwazulu Natal South Africa at these lovely courses:
Cotswold Downs Gof
Durban Country Club
Prince´s Grant Golf Estate
Umhlali Country Club
We wish the winners good luck and welcome them as a Pleasy Golf Caddieaway owners.

P.S. We remember Sven Tumba, the founder of WGC.
Chatting thru Skype, he always kept the video running no matter.
"- I can see You are wearing swimming trousers today, Sven?"
"- Yes, as we are finished I will go for a swim!"
They don´t make these models any more...
With love to Sven!