About Multi Trade Golf

Pleasy Golf is a swedish golf- brand on the global golf market.
Our products, present and future, are and will be unique and innovative to make it easier to play golf.
The very positive response we get from our consumers in over 20 countries, tells us we are on the right track.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us  what-so-ever!
We speak swedish, english, german, french, serbo-croatian or mandarin.

Nothing is too big, nothing is too small:
You are important to us!

Best regards
Multi Trade Golf


Code of conduct:
We strive to get the most out of production and our products,
to generate high-performing and innovative products meeting employers, shareholders and customers needs and demand.

We carefully monitor international standards,
being as environmental friendly as we can and recognizes employers rights and law.

Meaning- we do it as we would like it to be done ourselves!