Tee 4 Life

9,00 €
Pleasy Golf Tee4Life picture

After demand from customers and consumer we now launch Tee 4 Life: Long-life golf tees - ready to please!

Long lasting tees, It has been said that your able to play 50 rounds or more on some tees.

Most players like Tee 4 Life because they:

  • Have an oversize head- easy to put the ball on the tee
  • Are very easy to find after the shot
  • They usually last very long- great promotion for Your logo tees!

We send even a consumer pack (3 tees) world-wide within days! Own logo? Give us 2-3 weeks lead-time.


  • T 4 Life has a oversized head which makes the golfball easily placeble
  • Very easy to managed after you've made your shot
  • They usually last much longer than regular tees, which is particulary good for your branding tees.